How Big Will My Koi Fish Grow?

July 13, 2023 // By Scott Brown

In an ideal environment, an adult koi can reach a whopping 3 feet long. Under most conditions your finned koi will not grow to that immense length, but there are ways to reach its full potential. Koi will keep growing throughout their lives. How fast and large they grow depend on several factors, including: • […]

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Is It a Leak or Evaporation?

June 28, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Often, people do not realize how much water can evaporate from a pond during the dog days of summer. For a pond to lose ½” – 3/4” of water per day under certain conditions is not terribly uncommon and probably no cause for alarm. The amount of water evaporating will depend on several factors including; […]

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June 2023 Newsletter

June 19, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Monthly Newsletter How Do I Get Rid of String Algae? It can be challenging to eliminate string algae. We recommend the following solutions: 1) Begin prevention before the algae starts to form by making sure you have enough plant material and fish in the pond. If you already have algae, first remove as much of […]

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How Many Pond Plants Do You Need?

June 16, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Pond plants are a great long-term solution to combat nuisance algae and provide a healthy pond environment.  The addition of pond plants will decrease the amount of maintenance needed to keep your pond water clean. The size of your pond will influence the number of plants it can accommodate. A general guideline is to have […]

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Beware of Hose Water!

May 25, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Clean your biological filter pads with a bucket of pond water, NOT hose water.  Hose water contains traces of chlorine and kills the good bacteria your pond needs.   By using pond water instead, you are keeping the bacteria that need to be there for the health of the pond and getting your filters clean […]

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Frogs Can Do Princely Things For Your Pond!

May 13, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Frogs gobble insects to keep the population in check and serenade you with their songs. Frogs also add diversity to the species supported by ponds by coexisting productively with fish, plants, insects, and other wildlife. They also play a key role in your pond’s ecosystem—in fact, the number of amphibians in your pond can be […]

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Pollen Is Not Just Bad For Allergies!

May 11, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Pollen can be bad for ponds because it can contribute to the growth of algae. When pollen falls into a pond, it decomposes and releases nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus into the water. These nutrients may act as a fertilizer for algae, which can quickly grow out of control and lead to an algae […]

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Facts About Fish

May 1, 2023 // By Scott Brown

Fish Feel: When exposed to toxins, their heart rates increase, and they take longer to resume feeding. Fish are intelligent: Their perception and cognition often matches and exceeds that of other vertebrates. Some will even use tools. Fish are sensitive: They like physical connections with other fish and like rubbing up against one another. Fish have […]

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Get A Little Green This Spring

April 14, 2023 // By Scott Brown

According to a study on green exercise, spending as little as five minutes in the presence of nature can improve self-esteem and mood. Outdoor destinations with water offer even greater benefits. Green exercise is the combination of physical activity and nature. It is well known that regular exercise training itself confers various health and psychological […]

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Floating aquatic plants can be a very effective way of adding filtration and surface coverage to a water garden. Since these are free-floating plants (having no roots anchored in soil), they draw 100 percent of their nutrients directly from the water, feeding on nutrients that would otherwise feed algae. Depriving algae of necessary sunshine is […]

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