Monthly Maintenance – Pond

Pond with Pond Plants and Filter Urn Running - Monthly Pond Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance 

We provide monthly or seasonal maintenance plans to keep your pond or water feature flowing smoothly. Services include:

  • Clean skimmer basket and filter pad.
  • Remove pump and check intake.
  • Check for debris in the bottom of the skimmer basket.
  • Remove dead blooms and leaves from plants.
  • Fertilize all pond plants. 
  • Remove debris from waterfalls 
  • Clean waterfalls with EcoBlast/Green Clean.
  • Check IonGen probe and dosing systems (if applicable).
  • Test lights. Replace halogen bulbs if needed.
  • Check autofill or add water if needed.
  • If customer has a high fish load, undersized biofalls or the water is passing around the filter pads clean biofalls filter pads and lava rocks.