Clarksburg, MD – Front Entrance Refresh

December 13, 2016 // By Scott Brown

We love our customers! We’ve worked with Bridget and her husband for over ten years. So when Bridget’s mom Eileen mentioned she needed help with landscaping in front of her home, she didn’t hesitate to recommend Damascus Enterprises.

After 40+ years Eileen felt it was time for a change! The overgrown front hedges lacked personality and made for a bland first impression. Scott created a simple yet effective design that would allow more light and visibility for the front picture windows and provide a more open and accessible front entrance.

Smaller boxwoods and perennials were used to replace the previous hedges and create a more welcoming atmosphere.  Just the effect the homeowner was hoping for.
We had an opportunity to talk with Eileen after the project was completed and she couldn’t be happier. Hear the rest of our conversation in the video below.
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