Damascus, MD – Landscape Revitalization

August 21, 2017 // By Scott Brown

This landscape renovation project was located in Damascus, MD. The project included a much-needed refresh of the beds and new plants installed. After a site visit and planning discussion with the home owners a landscape design was created. During the design presentation meeting a few changes were made to better match the new design style with home owner’s tastes.

Several issues needed to be addressed during this project. There was excessive amounts of mulch installed in all beds that needed to be removed before work could begin. Another big issue was the way the original downspouts emptied into the mulch beds creating a problem with washing out mulch. To resolve this, we installed drain pipes buried in the ground with 6” speed basin on the ends. The soil was amended before the new plants were installed and mulch was applied a proper depth in all beds. The end result was a revitalized yard that the home owners could be proud of!

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