Darnestown, MD – Waterfall Renovation

December 12, 2018 // By Scott Brown

The homeowner originally contacted us about a leaking waterfall.  Once onsite, it was clear the issue was being caused by the existing BioFalls that had begun bowing.  The previous owner had tried a DIY fix; attempting to reinforce the BioFalls with a clear plastic sheet, unfortunately it just didn’t hold. The front face plate had also become separated from the BioFalls. Our recommendation was to install a new Aquascape 6000 series BioFalls.

Original BioFalls

It was during our initial consultation visit that we also learned about the homeowner’s frustration with having to clean the skimmer net on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Initially it looked fine, however until upon closer examination we found that the faceplate screws were corroded, and the faceplate was just about to pop off. This obviously needed to be addressed.

BioFalls - Before

The homeowner was interested in finding out about alternatives to simply replacing the skimmer. Adding an intake bay was the perfect solution!  This would allow more leaves and debris to collect before cleaning is needed and offers a much easier cleaning process. This is a great solution for when there is heavy leaf coverage above a pond.

BioFalls - Installation

Thanks to “Old Man Winter” arriving early the repair would be completed in two phases. The BioFalls replacement was completed first. After things thawed and dried out a bit, we began installing the new intake bay. We ran into some major roots as we began to dig for the new intake bay. Once we we’re able to cut through those, the new liner, vault and Aqua Blocks were installed. Rocks and gravel were placed around to create a natural look.

The homeowners have a waterfall that no longer leaks and an upgraded skimmer (mechanical filtration) system that allows more free time for them to enjoy their beautiful pond.

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