Gaithersburg, MD – Waterfall Pond Redo

March 10, 2016 // By admin

It’s an awful feeling to wake up one day and realize the paradise you once enjoyed in your backyard has long faded away. It’s even worse when you’ve already worked with two different companies and you are not sure who you can trust.

For this job, we were contacted by a homeowner whose former water falls were sinking into the ground and were disproportionate to the size of the pond. After she had gone through two previous pond companies, we knew we would have to go above and beyond to gain her trust and restore her dream of a backyard paradise.

We started by completely removing all of the rocks and plants so we would reshape the pond. The new shape allowed us to increase the size of the waterfalls and create an intake bay for skimming. We used a mid size excavator to lift the large rocks and put them place after we installed the new liner. To enhance the ambiance, we installed a few LED lights in the waterfall and in the pond.

The homeowner could not believe how fast we got this job done. A week after we finished, I stopped by to see how things were running. Now after a long day at work, the homeowner can sit back on the deck and enjoying watching the kids play on the rocks around the edge of the pond while listening to the soothing sound of the flowing water. Sometimes she’ll open her windows while she’s inside to let the sound of the water fill the house.

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