Frederick, MD – Pond Renovation

August 21, 2019 // By Scott Brown

From the beginning I knew this would be interesting project! During the pond consultation I learned that in addition to water quality issues the homeowner was frustrated by the amount of time he spent on maintaining the pond. As well as feeling like he was having to add water all the time. When I began investigating the pond, I found that the liner had been patched multiple times in the same area and was actually too short which caused water loss issues on the sides.

The pond was originally set up with a small sand filter, external pump and 2 bottom drains. Which works wonders for pools but is not the most ideal set up for ponds. The bottom drains were frail and getting ready to fail potentially causing more water loss.  Something you don’t see everyday is a planter installed in a pond. While a great idea this particular planter was contributing to the water issues.

We were able to propose several upgrades and changes that would help elevate the frustrations that the homeowner had been experiencing. When renovation day arrived, we began by removing all the existing rocks and stone.

During the deconstruction process we discovered that the pond had a concrete bottom. This meant we had to bring in a jackhammer to break up the concrete. Jackhammers make everything more exciting. The old pump was removed, and that area was filled in with soil.

To improve the filtration, we installed a 2500 Aquascape BioFalls with a 1000 series Aquascape skimmer and 3PL Tsurumi pump. Which is sure to cut down on required maintenance. The underlayment was installed, and a new liner was put in place. We put the boulders and rocks back in place and added underwater LED lighting. Since we enlarged the pond, the paver brick walkway needed to be cut to fit right up to the coping stones on the ponds edge.

With the upgrades and changes, the homeowner will not have to worry about water loss and have much more time to RELAX and enjoy his pond.

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