Gaithersburg, MD – Pond Paradise

April 30, 2016 // By admin

This Gaithersburg, MD project began with a pond consultation, where we were able to talk through the vision the homeowner had for their backyard. A top priority for them was to be able to view the water feature from multiple areas. They loved the idea of creating a pond with a waterfall large enough to be able to view it from both their deck and their gazebo. The client watched over the entire construction process and enjoyed seeing their water feature begin to take shape. The entire installation process was finished in only three days.

The completed pond holds approx. 1100 gallons of water and includes a 3000 gph Aquascape pump, large skimmer and biofalls. A fish cave was also installed to ensure the fish would have a proper place to find from any potential predators. The fish and homeowners couldn’t be happier with the results.

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