Leesburg, VA – Pond Renovation

September 26, 2016 // By Scott Brown

During a consultation meeting in Leesburg, VA the homeowner showed me her current pond and explained she needed help – FAST! The original design was created by using two separate pre-formed plastic pond tubs that did not provide proper water flow and lacked any natural aesthetics. She wanted us to create a more natural look by adding rocks around the edges and adjusting the water circulation.

We began this project by bringing in our clean out pump and removing all the existing water. Once emptied the two plastic tubs were power washed and then reset in a bed of sand to make sure they were level. To provide additional support we backfilled around the tub edges and set stones around the perimeter of the tubs securing with mortar. When the stone edges were complete the pond was filled back up and the pumps and plumbing were reassembled and turned on.

The customer loved how we reconfigured the circulation and how the water now recirculated from the top pond to the bottom and the updated look was exactly what she had envisioned.

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