Damascus, MD – Pennsylvania Field Stone Wall and Stepping Stone Path

September 28, 2016 // By Scott Brown

We received a call from a long time lawn care customer who was interested in a major backyard renovation. An appointment was made so we could review the plan they had drawn up by their architect and so they could explain their vision for the project in person. During this meeting we walked the property with the homeowner and marked the desired location of the stone walls and new plants. A few days after receiving our estimate we received the call that they wanted to go ahead with the work – everyone was excited to get started making their vision and making it reality.

The first step in creating the new area included digging, leveling and preparing the foundation. Next, was placing the stone. Pennsylvania Fieldstone was chosen for the wall and steps – the look of moss and lichen added a very special touch. Mortar was used in between the stones to ensure stability but still hidden from view. Coordinating cap stones were used to give the wall it’s finishing touch.

We moved on to constructing the stepping stone path next. Each stone was individually selected for proper overlap and to ensure that only a minimal amount of cutting was needed to keep as natural a look as possible.

Installing the carefully selected shrubs and perennials was followed by mulching each bed. Just prior to laying the sod in the area around the stepping stones we hand cut each piece so it would fit snuggly around the stones and give the impression that the stone has always been there.

Our foreman was onsite and available during the entire process. He talked with the homeowner every morning which allowed time to go over any questions they may have had and discuss any changes they wanted to make.

After the project was completed a review meeting was scheduled to meet with the customer to go over the job to answer any questions or concerns that they might have. During the review meeting the customer loved the work we did and was already showing us where the next stone wall project was to go.

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