Potomac, MD – Landscaping and Container Gardening

November 7, 2016 // By Scott Brown

Early in the spring of 2016 we were contacted by one of our regular full service landscape maintenance clients seeking our help in creating some new landscape beds, refreshing some of her existing beds and creating custom planters using some very unique planters she had purchased from Restoration Hardware.

A consultation appointment was set so we could meet in person and walk the property with the client to talk through exactly what her vision was and make recommendations as needed. Once we had a good idea of exactly what she was looking for an estimate was created and presented.

A few short days later we got the news that she was approving all the projects we had estimated for her. We were very excited to get started. A few days into the project the client made a special request. She was hosting a very special political fundraiser and wanted to see if we could find a couple wire elephants and add lights to them. It took several hours of searching but we were able to locate two elephants. We used the wire forms and added LED lights to create custom lit lawn art for her. We worked hard at installing new plants and getting all her beds just right for the big night that was quickly approaching.


Once finished, we made sure all of the work was completed to her liking and the customer was happy. After doing a walk thru our client was pleased with all of our work. We were able to get all of work completed in just one week.

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