Potomac, MD – Pond Renovation

October 2, 2017 // By Scott Brown

Ponds aren't just for people!

We’re not sure who loves their pond more, our client or her yellow Lab named “Ro”. Ro enjoys getting into the pond but unfortunately as he’s aged he is having more and more difficulty getting out. The client’s goal was to keep the pond she adored and make it easily accessible for Ro. Here is what pond looked like originally.

Our solution – a Beach Entry!

Eliminating the high rock edges and creating a sloped entrance was the perfect answer.

This three-day renovation was a lot of fun but required some heavy duty lifting! The original edges were redefined by adding new boulders and rearranging existing rocks. Using a process called seaming we joined a new liner to the existing one allowing us to expand the pond an additional 15 feet. This extra length gave us plenty of room to create a gradual sloped opening that closely resembles a natural beach. A small water jet was installed to aid in the circulation of the shallow water. The final result is a beautiful pond that Ro is now able to easily walk in and out.

Everyone is happy!

Check out the video below to see the entire project from start to finish:

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