West Friendship – Pondless Waterfall Renovation

September 30, 2020 // By Scott Brown

We were called to a recently purchased home in West Friendship, MD to help determine why the waterfall was not operational.  It didn’t take long to discover the issue; the previous owners had removed the pond and installed a fire pit area in its place. The pond is where the pump for the waterfall had been housed. The good news was, all the rocks and the stream were left in place which provided the perfect scenario to convert the feature to a pondless waterfall.

Pondless Stream Before Renovation
Pond Crew Working On The Pondless Stream Reno

We began by removing all the existing rocks and reshaping the stream. Raising the stream bed up to help create larger drops in the waterfalls. Several upgardes were made during the renovation; LED underwater lights were used to light up the waterfall. Which were tied into the existing low voltage transformer and an auto-fill was installed to help maintain the water level. The new design and layout created the perfect sound.

Pondless Stream After Renovation